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Make. The Pie. Bigger.

When my community thrives, I thrive, and it is the intended purpose of this platform.

I want to make available this knowledge and skill-set, to launch and grow an e-commerce business, to as many people as I can reach.

Social Responsibility

Clients, Partners, and Friends

It has been an absolute joy bringing herlayers to life, You see, I am my own first client, and I wish this journey for everyone that I know. 

To the handful of people who are working with me now, I thank you for your trust, and I look forward to continuously working with you and watching your success stories come to life.

"Kareem has been instrumental in getting my store up and running, not only is he knowledgeable and a great mentor, he is also expeditious in his work.

I would recommend his services to anyone and would definitely use him again."

Devon, Founder of Wrongfully Convicted Clothing