3 Easy to Do SEO Tips That Improve Your Google Ranking

One of the most valuable things you can do for SEO in your eCommerce store o3 easy to do SEO tipsr website is have a blog. We explained why that is the case in a previous blog post, here.

The below are 3 more easy to implement SEO tips to improve your rankings in google and other search engines as well.

  • Keyword Strategy

One of the easiest things you can do for SEO is ensure the keywords you want to rank for are placed in all the right places. Shopify makes it very easy to place your homepage title and meta descriptions without ever having to learn how to program a thing. Ensure your keywords are also placed in all page titles or blog titles. Another good keyword strategy is the proper use of Headings so search engines like Google can easily know what the page is about. (an example, is this blog post with the 3 bullet points). Again, Shopify makes it easy to edit all of these, including a native SEO editing feature for your products as well.

  • Internal Links

Another easy thing you can do is have plenty of internal links within your website, an example of this is the introduction of this blog post where I referenced back to an older post. You can also do this in a lot of other creative ways to promote anything you want to draw attention to on your website like your services. Got any questions about internal links? Reach out here. :)

  • External Links

Often also referred to as back links, these are when other blogs or websites link back to your site. While harder to achieve than the above two tips, this will likely have the highest effect on your rankings. Imagine you are a fashion retailer and the number one fashion blogger mentions yours brand on their site and then links back to yours, this would tell search engines that your website has high authority and you will in turn rank higher in results. 

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