How Do I Accept Credit Cards On My Website? And What Payment Gateway Do I Use?

We get this question at our e-commerce consultancy every single day, and it’s usually one of these variations:

“How do I accept credit cards on my website in Dubai?”

“What’s an affordable payment gateway?”

“How do I accept credit cards in Lebanon?”

Whether your business is in Lebanon, Dubai, Doha, or Kuwait. Read on for the answer.

An e-commerce transaction is one where the process of completing a sale happens with the use of an electronic payment method like credit and debit cards. Online payment gateways are needed here to facilitate this process for your website.

In Lebanon, and the Middle East in general, one of the obstacles that a lot of startups face when building an e-commerce website is setting up this payment gateway.

Some think the process would require registering an expensive legal entity such as an SAL, or an SARL, that will cost thousands of dollars. Other online merchants in Lebanon or the Arab world tend to simply resort to the “Cash on Delivery” method, which will result in limiting their target audience.

E-Payment Gateways 

Here’s the good stuff: there are several online payment gateways that can integrate with Lebanese and Arab based e-commerce websites, one of which is PayFort, this is an Amazon company that operates in the Middle East, and we highly recommend working with them.


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To start the application process at Payfort, you would need to provide theses few basic details below:

  • Copy of the company trade license or merchant registration
  • Copy of the authorized signatory ID
  • Bank Name & IBAN#
  • Website URL
  • Industry

Merchant Registration

The legal registration is a main barrier for a lot of people wanting to set up their online business. Setting up a payment gateway does in fact require some type of legal registration, but it doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars. In Lebanon you can get a Merchant registration at a minimal cost.

All that it requires is these below documents:

  • A merchant application form submitted by the applicant
  • A permit form for the Central Administration of Statistics
  • A lease or title deed
  • Copy of the authorized signatory ID

The approximate cost for getting you merchant registration is around $800.

For more information, you can visit the Commercial Register page at the Ministry of Justice.🔗

Once you get your legal registration and sign up with Payfort, you can start accept credit cards on you store.

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  • Good Morning Karim. This is one of the few articles I found online regarding excepting payments through payfort on a shopify store. You mentioned the need for a “Merchant Registration”. Does this involve the need to incorporate as SARL or SAL? As you know the main barrier of entry are the fees and the “5 Million Lira” deposit required for an SARL. Is it a requirement to have an SARL/SAL to accept payment on payfort? Some guidance on this is greatly appreciated if possible.

    Rabih Kraidli

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