We are sharing with you a list of tools and resources, we gathered for ourselves at KA Ecommerce,  to help you kick off your online business.

We included for you some research articles, social media management tools, design and photo editing sites and a list of useful Shopify and 3rd party apps to optimize your store.


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Building Your Website:

Planning and Research Articles

  1. Go To Market Strategy: a template on LinkedIn, helps organization develop a clear and actionable blueprint for building a go-to-market plan. link
  2. Ecommerce Research:
    1. Four Fastest Growing Categories in eCommerce. link
    2. 10 of the Largest Ecommerce Markets in the World by Country. link
  3. Guides for Writing Product Descriptions:
    1. 9 Simple Ways to Write Product Descriptions. link


    1. Canva: allows you to design posters, can also be used to create social media posts.
    2. Burst.shopify: free stock photo images, can be used anywhere on your website.
    3. Aviary: free online photo editing tool.
    4. WordToHTML: convert your text into HTML for better formatting.

      Shopify Apps

      Shopify  apps we like to use:
      1. Mailchimp: create and automate email marketing campaigns.
      2. Product Reviews: enable customers to review their purchases.
      3. Buy Button: a sales channel widget, enabling you to add a products on blogs and other pages.
      4. Messenger: connect with your customers
      5. Free Shipping Bar: promote free shipping for a defined cart value.
      6. Digital Downloads: offer digital products on your online store.
      7. Aftership: for dropshippers, enable customers to track their order status.

      Sales & Marketing Tools

      Sales Tools

      ClickFunnels: enables you to build converting sales and marketing funnels to boost your business and increase your average cart order.

      Affiliate & Referral Programs

      1. Refersion: This is an affiliate program where you 
      2. Referral Candy: turns your fans into advocates, by rewarding them whenever they share your products.

      Social Media

      1. Hootsuite+ Hootsuite Scheduling app: to schedule posts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook
      2. Tailwind: 1st 100 Pins or 30 Instagram posts for free. It can also be integrated on Hootsuite if you want to use Pinterest on it.
      3. Upfluence Chrome Extension: Upfluence has vast database of influencers on major social media networks. The extension allows you to identify real influencers by analyzing their post engagements and followers.

      Website & Email Setup

      Website Hosting (not needed if you use SHOPIFY!)

      BlueHost: hosting service were you can easily buy multiple domains under one account.


      Google Analytics: Comprehensive analytics tool, that tracks visitors traffic, their behavior and your digital marketing campaigns. Register with Google Analytics once you have bought your domain.

      Email Hosting

      1. Zoho: Free version allows you to host your domain and reply to customers enquiries.
      2. G suite: Host your domain on Gmail, costs $5/month per user. Gives cloud storage access and Google Drive.