I am a believer in giving to the world around us. So far, I have been simply giving a small portion of the fruits that I harvest. Today, I am thinking bigger. I am giving away the seeds.

It is my crown pleasure to announce that as part of my corporate social responsibility (CSR)  program, I will be gifting someone in need a spot in my upcoming eCommerce workshop completely free. Will it be you?

My time, knowledge, and skill set will be at your disposal to launch your own online business. To get you off the ground, I will also cover all costs for the first 45 days!

To be able to be participate, you must match at least ONE of the following criteria:

  • You have been out of a job for a year
  • You earn less than 600$ per month
  • You have dependents
  • You have disabilities that stand in the way of you finding a job
    • Basic Computer skills
    • Commitment, and the will to work smart and succeed


      To apply please fill the form below explaining your situation and why you should be chosen to be given this opportunity. and be present at the event to be eligible to win. 

      *** The information you send is private and will not be published without your consent.