Do It With Kareem
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Do It With Kareem

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Phase I. Stealth Mode

  • Start up call with Kareem (Optional but highly recommended)
  • We research and choose the specific industry and product category you want to sell
  • We craft the business plan, identify the market, create the identity, and buy the domain
Phase II. Launch Imminent 
  • We Set up social media pages (niche social media platforms, not just the popular ones)
  • We Set up analytics tools that you will need
  • We Build your store and website, from basic design to holistic messaging
Phase III. Turn key
  • We Choose your suppliers, and products, then determine your pricing strategy
  • We Conduct an in-depth analysis to find the online audience for your specific market 
  • 60 minute training call with Kareem to launch your first ad campaign.

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