Dropshipping Program
Kareem Audi

Dropshipping Program

Regular price $1,000.00

This is a 6 hour consultation program where we guide you through setting up your own Dropshipping store.

We will provide you with resources and articles to help you select a business, work on the branding and logo, and create your business and marketing plan.

Session I.

  • Startup meeting with Kareem
  • We research and choose the specific industry and product category you want to sell
  • We craft the business plan, identify the market, create the identity, and buy the domain.

Session II.

  • We Build your store and website, from basic design to holistic messaging
  • We Buy the Domain and Set up social media pages
  • We Choose your suppliers, and products, then determine your pricing strategy.

Session III.

  • Link tracking tools
  • We Set up analytics tools that you will need
  • Finalize the setup of your store.

Session IV.

  • We Conduct an in-depth analysis to find the online audience for your specific market
  • Launch your first audience targeted ad campaign.