E-commerce Consultancy
Kareem Audi

E-commerce Consultancy

Regular price $3,000.00

This is a fully customized solution for businesses who already have a product or a service and want to start selling online.

This ecommerce solution is tailored based on your needs and entails the following:

Website Development: Building the Platform Foundations

  • A customizable layout and responsive theme design for an optimal and user-friendly interface on both mobile and desktop.
  • Set up analytics tools including Facebook Pixels and Google Analytics to ensure. appropriate data is collected from site visitors for re-targeting purposes.
  • Set up a payment gateway.
  • Website content, to include page creation and optimization of the site’s SEO.

Website Content: Creating pages and Data Entry

  • Set up the homepage, create the landing page with the “About us” and “Contact us” page.
  • Data entry, to include adding of 25 products with prices, brief description and image upload.

Tutorial: Detailed Overview Explaining the Shopify Admin

  • Page customization tutorial, to include theme customization, creation of pages and blog posts.
  • Data entry, to include instructions on how to add products and categorize them into collections.
  • Instructions on any additional set up for the store.

Digital Marketing Services: Build the online audience

  • Build an online audience on Facebook business manager for Facebook and Instagram.
  • Develop a campaign to attract, engage, and build on targeted followers.
  • Launch the first targeted ad, with an objective for sales conversion.

This one-on-one consultation service will include any further customization and app installation to suit the business’s needs.