Turnkey Business ūüĒĎ

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Phase I. Stealth Mode

  • Start up call with Kareem (Optional but highly recommended)
  • I¬†research and choose the specific industry and product category you want to sell
  • I¬†craft the¬†business plan, identify the¬†market,¬†create the identity, and¬†buy the domain
Phase II. Launch Imminent 
  • I¬†Set up social media pages (niche social media platforms, not just the popular ones)
  • I¬†Set up analytics tools that you will need
  • I¬†Build your store and website, from basic design to holistic messaging
Phase III. Turn key
  • I¬†Choose your suppliers, and products, then determine¬†your pricing strategy
  • I¬†Conduct an in-depth analysis to find¬†the online¬†audience for your specific market¬†
  • 60 minute training call with Kareem to launch your first ad campaign.
You may choose to be as involved as you like in any of these phases, but your feedback will be valuable to ensure I accurately bring your vision to life.